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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on print locations and positions for your custom apparel! This guide is designed to help you understand where and how your designs will be printed on our various apparel items.

1. Standard Print Locations:

  • Front: The front of the shirt is a popular choice for showcasing your design prominently.
  • Back: Printing on the back of the shirt provides an alternative location for your design, often complementing the front design.
  • Sleeve: Sleeve prints add a unique touch to your apparel, offering additional branding opportunities.
  • Pocket: Printing on the pocket area is ideal for smaller logos or designs, adding subtle branding detail.

2. Recommended Positions:

  • Centered: Positioning your design in the center ensures it's prominently displayed and balanced.
  • Left Chest: Placing your design on the left chest area is a classic choice, perfect for logos or small designs.
  • Full Front/Back: Extending your design across the full front or back of the shirt creates a bold statement.
  • Top/Bottom: Printing at the top or bottom of the shirt offers creative possibilities, such as slogans or taglines.

3. Design Placement Tips:

  • Ensure your design is proportional to the garment size.
  • Consider the garment's features, such as seams or pockets, when positioning your design.
  • Use our design studio tools to visualize and adjust your design placement before ordering.
  • We will centre all designs / logos that are not placed perfectly centred when using our design studio tool.

4. Mock-Up Accuracy:

  • Please note that mock-ups in our design studio may not be perfectly to scale. Actual print sizes may vary slightly.
  • We strive to provide accurate representations, but variations in print placement may occur during production.

5. Special Requests:

  • If you have specific placement requirements or custom requests, please include them in the order notes or contact our customer service team for assistance.


We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding print locations and positions for your custom apparel. For further assistance or inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to our team!

Print Locations and Positions Guide