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Screen Printing is one of the earliest known methods of printing and it is still being used today to print a variety of items like apparel, signs, and even electronics. The process involves coating a mesh screen with waterproof emulsion and creating a stencil (an area of open mesh, not coated with emulsion). Ink is passed through the stencil (open mesh area), most often using a squeegee, and directly onto a substrate such as a t-shirt or any other type of garment. Like most technical processes, screen printing has been revolutionized by new technologies and equipment that have made the processes automated and ensure prints come out perfect. We at T-Shirt Elephant are screen printing junkies, we are always searching for a better way to print t-shirts whether its new equipment or tweaking an existing process.

In the world of t-shirt printing, not all prints are created equal. We only use the most cutting edge screen printing equipment and the highest quality screen printing inks to print your design. Our printing team has an unmatched level of experience and know-how, which ensures each and every order will have the right colours, perfect design placement, and will never fade or crack in the wash.